Karl Mundt is Dead

by Sylvia Haynes



an album about friendly neighbors, peeling wallpaper, mosquitos, writers block, psychopaths, heat, whiskey, milk, omnipresence, gender dysphoria, the smell of chicken fat, leaving, lying, smoking, masturbating, delusions of grandeur, being a piece of architecture, hallucinogenic drugs, framed pictures, telephones, you, dust, razors, laughter, salvation, murder, walls, hope, heaven, hell, and Hollywood.

"Don't be silly."


released October 21, 2015

all music by Sylvia Haynes

this album is dedicated to Joel & Ethan Coen


all rights reserved



Sylvia Haynes Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

a museum-faced, zebra-legged tuning fork vibrating without air.


primarily home recordings.



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Track Name: Bare Ruined Choir (Prologue)
(coyotes screeching)
Track Name: The Big City
They've got cars
They've got museums and garbage on the street

You can do push-ups on the sidewalk
You can do whatever you please

I don't think you've got what it takes
to make it in the big city.
Track Name: The Hotel Earle
It's a feeling
It's all peeling the wallpaper

This heat is too much for me
I am cackling and laughing in my sleep

The bugs that i keep follow me, yes
The bites that I keep follow me

I am cackling and laughing in my sleep
This heat is getting to me

The Mind:

I'll show yo0-0-ou I will show you
the life of78780 the4679 mind i will show
the life of the
I will =-=0-=show-u90u-i you ithe life of the
679679i will s78how you the lifyoe of yuoyuthe min4679d i will show you mind
i will show-+-+- you th-e life of the m7nd
I w23`13`15--=4566+
*ill show you the mind9+
Track Name: The Social Lubricant
I see you, but do see me?
Am I coming through on your color TV?
Every channel that you turn to has me staring
back at you

I'm in your wrists and I'm in your blood
I am in the bathroom, in your tub
My smile cuts clean through my face
and all my parts are out of place

My shadow has a mind of its own
the life it leads is the life that you own
Don't kid yourself, you know you're me
You cut my side and then you bleed

Don't play politics, or call "Common Man"
He cares not for you, or your selfish plans
You weren't common the second you got paid
Now everything you write is just a replay

So I'm sittin' high and I'm sittin' well
I've made my bed here in this hell
The sun, it never shines too bright
but I hear everyone at night.

Please help me go deaf.
Track Name: The Talking Typewriter
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Track Name: Bath House Blues
I like long black socks, I SAID
I like long black socks
They make me feel like a
Lady-a-feel like a Lady, yeah
I like long black socks
I like long black socks, but
I'm takin' em off
cus I got them Bath House Blues....... damn.

And im singin':
("Why Can't We Sing About It?"
"Why Can't We Speak About It?") well,
I keep my mouth shut
cus i got them Bath House Blues..........ah, ah now, take it away......

for me.....


"i like long black socks"
they make me FEEL LIKEALADY
AMAKEMEFEEL LIKE A LADY, but im takin em off

cus i got them Bath House Blues.
Track Name: Nest
Carry when I fall asleep, and
Put me next to you

Cover me in my childhood sheet, and
Tell me why the sky is blue

Rest with me 'til my breath is clean, then
Open up the roof

The night is cold, but we can hold each other
Together with glue, but

The truth won't save you,
because the truth is that I've lied

Carry me when I fall asleep, and
Put me next to you.
Track Name: Where There's a Head There's Hope
Karl can only scream now
Karl cannot believe how every little sound he makes
blows up in your face
Karl is on the street now
Karl is fresh meat now
Karl was once upon a stage, or maybe he just dreamed it

Cop-cars crashing in his mouth, and
Detours that are heading south

Pay me now and pay me fair, or
I'll shave off all of my hair;

I am bare to your world
I have no hands, only words
I am blind in this world
I am a crime in this world

I am a crime:
I cannot cry in your world
I have no time for this world

I am a crime.
Track Name: The Elevator is My Uterus
Up-And-Down and Merry-Go-Round: We All Wind Up Inside The Ground.

one & two, and tie the noose, and
soon you'll be the color blue

three & four, you're on the floor
gone. forgot. forevermore.

five & six, the River Styx
is where you'll finally get your kicks

seven, eight, you're at the gate, but
fires always been your fate

nine, ten, this ain't the end;
you're someone else,

but back again.
Track Name: You are Drippin', Sir
Karl tried to attend mass, and
Karl tried to attend class, and
Karl tried to be the best, but
The truth is, he's no good.

Karl tried to shake his ass, and
Karl tried to make a pass, and
Karl tried to get his nut, but
The truth is, he's no good.

Karl tried to sell some wine, and
Karl tried to sell his mind, and
Karl tried to be divine, but
He just ain't no good

Karl sucked in his gut, and
Karl sucked up all the smut, and
Karl tried to clean his mouth, but
He just ain't no good

Karl is the Son of Smut
Karl Never Gets His Nut.
Track Name: A Wresting Film

"Devil on the Canvas" take two

Track Name: The Ballad of Your Brain in a Box
Well, Karl set out on the Dusty Trail, with
lips in stitches, and fingers like nails, with wits like his
he couldn't fall, but then he found them old Vulture Claws

So, Karl set out for The Big City, e-yeah
Karl stepped out on The Fashion Scene, but
soon his nimble toes would rot, and
be to big for his socks

So, he cocked his gun, and
he set out for the sunset
to ride out every Circus Regret, and
to set his mind straight with a
Diamond Encrusted Razor-Blade, and

He'll be there when you're lonesome, and
He'll be there when you're scared, and
He'll be there with a lock of your hair
stuffed inside his underwear


(inaudible nonsense)
Track Name: Drunk on Toothpaste
(Well, everything tight, and everyones boorish, and
the feelin's alight, but
everything's boring, and
I'm feelin' so fine on this Sunday Mornin', and
I'm feelin' just like a colosseum tourist, and
the sun is too bright, y'know it feels like a warnin', and
this drink is too thick, but
I just keep on pourin', and
I feel like its fine, but
I feel like I'm scorin' the notches on pine, to
keep me from soarin', and)

-The feelin's alright, y'know the feelin's alright

-The feelin's alright, y'know the feelin' is horrid


"hey, hey"
Track Name: Stating the Obvious

I don't need nobody to
Fix and fondle this
Old Body

I don't need no one
To build me a Home,


(we're all dead already, and
I don't see the point in hating it, and
I'm just fine with it.)
Track Name: You. Don't. Listen.
"You come into my home, and tell me
I'm making too much noise"

You are a visitor here:

"You're a Tourist With a Typewriter"


"I sell 'Peace of Mind'"

You're a tourist.
Track Name: Mosquito Bites
"There are no mosquitos in Los Angeles.

Mosquitos breed in swamps. This is a desert."
Track Name: One Single Seagull
I was born with a plastic spork in my mouth, and
a vague disease
designed for my south.

I was born with a parking lot in my head, and
a painful penchant for
breaking bread, and

everyone said:

"This One is marked for sparks in dark that will not start a fire.
This One is bleeding bricks, but blood loss will not make them tired"

(I will not die, no
Death will become Me
I cannot lie, for the Truth
It Enfolds Me.)
Track Name: A Collect Call
I heard theres champagne
flowing out of every fountain

I heard there's no pain,
unless you build your own damn mountain, but

It's all the same:
Every Death becomes
A Haunting

Every vein is claimed
the prices fall, and
I keep counting bodies...

..... . . ............. ...... ...... ..... . . . . . . . . ..

I miss my home, but
I have no plans of returning.
I wear these clothes,
They Disguise me from My Yearning.
I have lost my hope;
The Hounds all bite, but
theres No Burning
This is what I chose,
I'm breaking, but
there is no turning back.

(Make a Collect Call
Make a Collect Call Home, but
No One answers

Why should they waste their time on me?

Destroy the Dance Hall
Destroy the Dance Hall Zoo, but
There's no dancers

Why should they waste their time on me?)

I've found no dream to follow
I've found no dream to borrow
I've found no seed to swallow, but
I'm gonna grow a Fuckin' Tree

I've found no bones to hollow
I've found no roads to follow
I've found no swamp to wallow
in the morbid muck of me

I've found no Bleak Tomorrow
I've found no Pill To Swallow
I've found a way to wind back what
I've done, but
do I really want it?

I. Don't. Think. So.
Track Name: In Pictures (Epilogue)
"Don't be silly"

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